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High Voltage Engineering

About the Division

The division of High Voltage Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was created in the year 1960 and the Post Graduate course has been offered in High Voltage Engineering since 1964.

Both the academic and industry institute collaboration activities are effectively executed by an expert group comprising of a Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturers.

Academic Programme

The division offers Post Graduate programme in the area of High Voltage Engineering and about 30 post graduate students are on the roll. The Postgraduate course in the High Voltage Engineering has been awarded "A" grade by National Board of Accreditation. The curriculum of the PG programme is designed to meet the current and projected needs of the industry in the areas of Insulating materials, computer aided design of High Voltage Power Apparatus, Dielectric testing and Estimation of over voltage and protection schemes in Power Systems.

Most of the Projects of the M.E programme are carried in collaboration with the Industries. There is a high demand for students with High Voltage specialisation in the core Electrical industries like Crompton Greaves, ABB, L&T, Easun MR etc.

Major areas of Research

The Division has extensive research facility in the area of Insulation design of high voltage power apparatus and rotating machines, estimation of electromagnetic fields in Power Apparatus, developing methods for detecting faults during impulse voltage testing, estimation of over voltage in power systems, high voltage application in food preservation and power quality issues.

Infrastructure Facilities

The Division has laboratories for high voltage generation and measurement, Partial Discharge detection, Dielectric material characterization and CAD with versatile infrastructure and the undergraduate and the post graduate students are trained in these labs.

The major equipment in the Lab are 19KJ Impulse Generator, 450 kva Cascaded Transformer , 400 kv High voltage DC generator, Partial Discharge detector, Energy Analyzer, Capacitance and Tan delta measurement kit with sophisticated data acquisition systems. The facilities in the Division have latest and updated application software like FEM based Electromagnetic Filed Simulator, Electro-Magnetic Transient Programme and circuit simulation packages.

Research Programmes

The available facilities are effectively used by the Research Scholars. So far 15 Ph.Ds have been produced and 10 are ongoing. All the research works are reported in International Conferences and journals.

The Division is recognized by major funding agencies like UGC, MHRD, AICTE, MODROB, TAPTEC and R&D institutions in the areas of Performance Appraisal of new dielectric materials, design and quality assurance of HV power apparatus, Characterization of insulation strength of transformer for non-standard impulse voltage and modernisation of high voltage laboratory.

Industry and Institute Interaction

The expertise and facilities are utilized by the industries by way of Testing and Consultancy. The High Voltage Laboratory has testing facilities which is recognized by the electrical utilities all over the country. Many industries from all over India get their high voltage power apparatus tested and certified as per Indian Standards and other International Standards.

Works are undertaken in the areas of Enhancement of BIL levels of switchgear, Insulation design of Transformers windings, Field estimation in lightning arresters, Measurement of harmonics in Arc furnaces and Power quality studies. Currently, a project in the area of “Technology Demonstrator of Compact Storage devices for armoured vehicles’ for Compact Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) is in progress.